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What is Museter?

Museter is an Icecast and SHOUTcast hosting provider. Icecast and SHOUTcast hosting enables you to stream live audio to internet radio listeners via the internet. This is commonly used for internet radio stations. Did you know that Internet Radio's digital revenue will double, from $552 million this year to $1 billion in 2015. That would make it account for 5.3% of radio's total revenue, up from 3.2% this year. If you are new to the world of internet online broadcasting then please have a look at our tutorial on starting your own internet radio station tutorial here.

Unlimited Services

Unlimited listeners and unmetered bandwidth allows you to grow your radio station listener base. You can rest assured that you will not have to worry about addtional charges when your listener base grows!

Free Auto DJ Radio Hosting

All of our packages include our FREE "Auto DJ" service allowing you to Stream 24/7! Auto DJ is provided free across all of our Radio hosting packages. This means you can fill up your Auto DJ, organize the playlist through the Museter control panel, and start broadcasting immediately! No additional software to download! You can be up and broadcasting in a matter of minutes! Try our live demo here.

Multiple DJ accounts

With each radio hosting package we include the ability to add aditional DJ accounts to your server. Each DJ account can be customized to allow limited access to different parts of your control panel.

DDoS Attack Protected Servers!

Keeping your radio online 24/7 is our job. Each day, Museter is on the front lines defending your radio station against massive, complex DDoS attacks in order to ensure complete availability of your radio station. From routine requirements to emergencies, Museter DDoS mitigation technology is at the forefront of zero day defense.

99.99% uptime!

By using virtual radio hosting servers, with superior Internet connections, we are able to provide our customers with highly optimized radio servers and mimimal-buffer streaming. This, combined with our 99.99% uptime, means that you can rest assured that your radio stream will always be available when your listeners need it!

Customized Museter Control Panel

We provide you with the most comprehensive streaming radio statistics system available today. The Museter Control Panel provides information about listener trends and demographics, data transfer, track performances and popularity, user agents, and much, much more. Try our live demo here.

Free Flash Player and Scripts

We are the most experienced radio hosting service in the field of internet radio hosting. Simpliy put we know what we are doing! Our FREE SHOUTcast and Icecast player enables your online radio station to embed our FREE SHOUTcast and Icecast flash player into your website. Our special technology of advanced stream overlay functions prevents memory leak issues and the FREE SHOUTcast and Icecast flash player is cross-browser compatible with multiple skins to choose from included free of charge! Best of all no downloads! Just enter your SHOUTcast or Icecast stream url and cut and paste the code into your site!. Additionally, we offer free scripts using state of the art ajax technology so your internet radio information is automatically updated on your site, enabling you to fully integrate your station with your site. We offer a stream status summary, stream details, recently played Tracks, listener map to pin point exactly where your listenrs are tuning in from, ondemand content, and tune in links.

Automated Song Requests

Your listeners can request music using our Song Request Widget which can be embeded into your website! They simpily enter the song request and if this song is in your media library it will be queued up to play based on your settings.


Museter History

Dennis SteeleMy name is Dennis Steele. I created "Museter" (pronounced Muse-ter) out of frustration in finding good affordable Radio hosting. In 2009, I launched Radio Free Vermont and it became the largest online radio station in Vermont. As the listener base grew, I found my Radio hosting fees increasing and was paying out close to $200.00 a month just to keep the station on the air.

Because of this, I began a crusade to find less expensive hosting. I found that most sites were poorly designed and did not have the control panel options and statistical reporting features that I thought should be included in a hosting package. After spending over a month searching and trying out new hosts I decided that the best way to get what I wanted was to start my own Radio hosting service. Most Radio hosts are still using outdated technology and are limited to one server and, therefore, are constrained by bandwidth, disc space and cpu power, which forces them to charge more for their hosting packages.

I gathered all of my resources and connections that I have made over the years and consulted with them about my ideas. As a result, we created Museter on the new cloud server technology which allows us to to modify the virtual server in order to grow and expand with our customers' demands. This is how we are able to offer unlimited packages at a very afforable price.