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How to start an internet radio station on Mac computer

1. Register on

To begin you must first purchase a radio hosting package.
This is what we do at Open up our plans page to get started.

You might be asking yourself, "Which plan should I purchase?" Museter offers seven packages ranging from 24kbps-192kbps.
24kbps per second will sound like an old AM radio station and 128kbps will give you CD quality sound while the 192kbps is our premium package for ultimate sound quality.
If you are just starting out and don't have a lot of money to spend we recommend that you get the 48Kbps package. However, the best sound quality for your listeners will be 128Kpbs. 

Go to the Packages Page now! 

2. Getting Started with Nicecast

Now that you have your Museter SHOUTcast server. It is time to start broadasting your online radio station.
The steps below will get your online radio station set up and streaming live.

a. Install Nicecast

You can download Winamp Standard by clicking Rogue Amoeba's website

b. Configure Nicecast for streaming

1. Launch Nicecast

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

2. By default, Nicecast will select iTunes as the audio source. In most cases this will be the correct source for you, however you can change it by going clicking the "Source" button.

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

3. Click the "Quality" button. Select the bitrate of your plan and the channel (Stereo or Mono audio) you wish to stream in.


First, enter your Bitrate. Your bitrate is the hosting package you selected(SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2, or Icecast v2) when you signed up for your account, i.e. 24, 32, 48, 64, 96, 128, or 192. Set it to the correct bitrate or below. If you set it too high your server will stop and a message will be sent to you via email. If this happens you will need to log back into your Museter Control Panel and restart it.

Set your sample rate to 44.100 Khz

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

4. Click "Window" in the menu bar and select "Show Server".

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

5. In the sidebar, click the "+" button to add a new server.

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

6. Input your Museter radio server information here


Make sure you have the correct settings here. You can retreive your Server IP, Port and Source Password by logging into your control panel at and clicking on the "quick links" link or by referring to your welcome email. It is important that this information be entered correctly or you will not be able to connect to your Icecast hosting server. Make sure you are using your Source password and not your admin password. You can find your source password by clicking on the "Settings" link in your Museter Control Panel and then by clicking the small key icon next to where it says Source Password. Leave your mount point blank if using a SHOUTcast v1 server. If using SHOUTcast v2 server you can leave blank or use a mount point that you have configured in your control panel. If you are using and Icecast server then set it to "/live", without the quotes, as this is your default live connection mount. If you have configured a different mount point you will need to edit this accordingly. LEAVE ACCOUNT SETTING BLANK. Public URL is your station website.

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

7. Close the server window and go back to the main Nicecast window.

8. Nicecast supports live voice over providing a method to mix live audio with audio streaming from an application such as iTunes. This capability is accessed from the Effects Window:

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

9. Once you have added the Voice Over effect, you can configure the input from the voice over window:

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

10. Nicecast also supports archiving. Your webcasts can be saved directly to mp3 files via the Nicecast Archiving window:

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

11. All other settings for your broadcast can be configured from the Nicecast Broadcast window. When you have everything configured, click the "Start Broadcast" button to start webcasting.

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Nicecast

3. Now that you are streaming music to the world you need to allow listeners to tune in.

There are many ways that a listener can tune in to your online radio station. If you have your own web page Museter provides you with links, scripts and players to place on your online radio station site. These can be found within the Museter control panel.
What are you wating for? Order now!

4. Questions?
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Museter support. We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to start a radio station.