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How to start an internet radio station with SHOUTcast using Winamp

1. Register on

To begin you must first purchase a radio hosting package.
This is what we do at Open up our plans page to get started.

You might be asking yourself, "Which plan should I purchase?" Museter offers six packages ranging from 24Kbps-192Kbps.
24Kbps per second will sound like an old AM radio station and 128Kbps will give you CD quality sound while the 192kbps is our premium package for ultimate sound quality.

If you are just starting out and don't have a lot of money to spend, we recommend that you get the 48kbps package. However, the best sound quality for your listeners will be 128kbps or 192kbps and will allow your station to be listed in the itunes directory. The 128kbps is our most popular package. 

Go to the Packages Page now! 

2. Get your computer ready to broadcast your online radio station

Now that you have your Museter SHOUTcast hosting serverm, it is time to start broadasting your online radio station. The steps belows will get your online radio station set up and streaming live.

a. To begin install Winamp Standard

You can download Winamp from the  Nullsoft Website

Please note that while Winamp has a Mac OSX version, the required plugin does not. Winamp cannot be used to stream from OSX. For an alternative, please consider Nicecast.

b. Next install the SHOUTcast DSP Plugin

Now download and install (using the default settings) the SHOUTcast DSP Plugin. 
You can download this plugin by clicking here

c. Enable the SHOUTcast DSP Plugin
Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Winamp

2. Open "Preferences". (Options -> Preferences, or CTRL+P)

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Tutorial

3. In the left menu scroll and find "DSP/Effect". Select it and then in the right window select "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.2.3 [dsp_sc.dll]".

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Shoutcast Radio

4. Close the Preferences window by clicking the Close button.

5. You will now see a Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source window running right next to Winamp. Now every time you start Winamp this window will open with it.

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Shoutcast Radio Streams

d. Next configure SHOUTcast Source which is the the SHOUTcast SourcePlugin

The first settings you will need to modify are the connection settings.

1. Select the "Output" tab.

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Shoutcast Radio

2. Input your server information here.
Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Shoutcast Radio

3. Select "Yellowpages", and fill in your online radio station information.

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Radio Streaming

4. Click the "Encoder" tab, and select "MP3 Encoder" and your bitrate settings. Make sure you select a bitrate that is equal to or less than your account max bitrate. Otherwise your station will have problems connecting and your account could be suspended.

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Streaming Radio

e. Here is how you DJ

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Shoutcast Radio

1. Click the "Input" tab.

2. If you are going to stream music only, then select the Winamp(Recommended) under input Device. If you are doing a talk show and want to stream live from your microphone select Soundcard Input.  

3. If you want to talk between songs you can switch to Soundcard Input. When you are done talking and want to continue your streaming music broadcast, switch back to Winamp(Recommended).

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Shoutcast Radio

4. The Soundcard Input selection will allow you to broadcast from your microphone or a Line Input. You would use the Microphone setting for talk shows and when you dj between songs.

The Microphone can also be used to broadcast live shows, i.e. live music in the field, live interviews, sports, and news coverage. The Line Input can also be used for the same purpose.

Want to take live calls? This is more of an advanced setting snd will require you to use a mixer and cell phones. You would plug your mic and your cell phone(s) into your mixer and hook up your mixer to your computer and select whatever device you are under the input device settings. Most cases if you use a usb to connect from your mixer you would then select that device. Depending on how many ports you have on your mixer you could plug mutiple cell phones into the mixer which would enable you to talk with more then one person or have more available lines for people to call in.

f. Start broadcasting

Online Radio SHOUTcast Hosting Radio Streaming

To start broadcasting live click the Connect button. You are now streaming whatever music is in your winamp palyer to the world.

l. Now that you are streaming music to the world you need to allow listeners to tune in.

There are many ways that a listener can tune in to your online radio station. If you have your own web page Museter provides you with links, scripts and players to place on your online radio station site. These can be found within the Museter control panel.
What are you wating for? Order now!
5. Questions? If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Museter support. We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to start a radio station for your Shoutcast Hosting Server.

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